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Ole Dominion Jamboree

3126 W Cary Street

Number 430

Richmond, VA 23221


SlimJim at vabluegrass.com



In September 2006, VaBluegrass.com found its voice with the first broadcast of the Ole Dominion Jamboree.

Currently the Ole Dominion Jamboree can be heard on "The Roots America Network" online and at WCLM 1450 Highland Springs, VA.

The Ole Dominion Jamboree is hosted by Slim Jim Ellis and his Sidekick Gary Wiliams. It was Slim Jim’s goal to return to classic radio with good music, call-in’s and down home humor. In addition to the best Bluegrass Music, you will hear the comedy of Archie Campbell, Wendy Bagwell, Jerry Clower, Minnie Pearl, and others, as well as, stories from Sidekick’s Cousin Warren.

In the last few years the Ole Dominion Jamboree has brought numerous hours worth of entertainment to listeners through Radio and Internet Streaming. The Ole Dominion Jamboree uses the a blend of old technology with new. Using internet streaming the show is able to syndicate the show live to radio stations who may not have the man power or music library to host their own live Bluegrass show on Saturday mornings. By using the internet it is possible to do this with great audio quality as well as a high level of reliability while keeping the cost down.

Join Slim Jim and Sidekick in the fun as the Ole Dominion Jamboree radio show plays the Legends of Bluegrass and the Stars of Today™ from Around the World.

Slim Jim, Sidekick and Audie Blaylock doing a remote broadcast from Nashville.

Slim and Sidekcik









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Want To Hear the Ole Dominion Jamboree on a Station near You?
We are looking for other AM or FM stations for syndication. If you or someone you know would like a promo of the show to consider please email us at SlimJim at vabluegrass.com. This is old time radio with DJ's, great bluegrass music and down home humor. The Bluegrass Journal referred to Slim Jim and Sidekick as the Click and Clack Tappet Brothers of Bluegrass!